Culinary app in 9 languages for Milan Expo

Culinary app in 9 languages for Milan Expo

(ANSA) – Ancona, June 30 – Expo Dictionary, a new digital resource and smartphone app with nine languages dedicated entirely to food terms, culinary techniques, and food handling, was announced Tuesday by publishing house Edizioni Plan. The dictionary/app is online at www.expodictionary.com and includes Arab, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
It’s also available in a three-language print version with English, Chinese, and Italian.
Edizioni Plan is the publishing house of Eli-La Spiga Edizioni, specialized in food, wine, and nutrition publishing.
“We wanted to create a tool that could respond to the demands of a large and diverse audience without specific culinary training, such as Expo visitors or viewers of televised cooking shows,” said Michele Casali, CEO of Eli-La Spiga Edizioni.
The app was developed in collaboration with the University of Milan’s Department of Linguistic and Cultural Mediation Sciences and with Alma, the international school of Italian cuisine directed by Milan-based chef Gualtiero Marchesi.
The dictionary provides translations as well as exact pronunciation for food terms along with definitions and further notes to clarify meaning, and includes thousands of illustrations and images that help the user to learn about food products and preparation techniques.

[via ANSA.it]